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Bobcats News · How much do you know about staying hydrated? Presented by VNN

Staying hydrated is important to your health, and is one of the best ways to ensure that you are playing your best. Unfortunately, many athletes overlook just how important water is in maintaining top-level performance.

Think you know everything there is to know about proper hydration? Take the quiz below sourced from’s 15 Hydration Facts for Athletes and find out:


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Bobcats News · UIL Fall 2017 Key Dates – Presented by VNN

Even though it’s only halfway through Summer, we’ve compiled a handy reference guide to the key dates coming for this Fall season from the UIL. Feel free to bookmark!


Date Event or Deadline
August 7 First day of conditioning (No contact activities permitted. No contact equipment except helmets may be worn.)
August 11 First day of contact
August 18 First scrimmage
August 23 Second scrimmage (5 Day Rule applies)
August 28 Third scrimmage (Schools opting for a third scrimmage shall not play during week one)
Date Event or Deadline
August 14 First day of conditioning
August 18 First day of contact
August 25 First scrimmage
August 30 Second scrimmage (Schools opting for a second scrimmage shall not play during week one)
Week Dates
Week One August 31, September 1, 2 (Sub-varsity football teams in Conferences 5A & 6A can play on Wednesday during Week 1 only if the varsity team plays on Thursday of that same week.)
Week Two September 7, 8, 9
Week Three September 14, 15, 16
Week Four September 21, 22, 23
Week Five September 28, 29, 30
Week Six October 5, 6, 7
Week Seven October 12, 13, 14
Week Eight October 19, 20, 21
Week Nine October 26, 27, 28
Week Ten November 2, 3, 4
Week Eleven November 9, 10, 11
Week Dates
Week One November 16, 17, 18
Week Two November 23, 24, 25
Week Three November 30, December 1, 2
Week Four December 7, 8, 9
Week Five December 14, 15, 16
State Championships December 20, 21, 22, 23 (All Conferences)


Team Tennis

Date Event or Deadline
October 14 District Certification Deadline
October 17 Bi District
October 21 Area
October 24 Regional Quarterfinals
October 26-27 Regional Tournament
November 1-2 State Tournament


Cross Country

Date Event or Deadline
October 14 District certification deadline
October 23 Regional Meet
November 4 State Meet



Date Event or Deadline
August 1 First day to issue equipment and conduct workouts outside the school day, all conferences. (For grades 9-12 and separate ninth grade teams on separate campuses. Students in grades 8 and below may not work out before the first day of school.)
August 4 First day for scrimmages, all conferences
August 7 First day for matches, all conferences.

  • A team is limited to the allowance of two contests per calendar week (Monday through Saturday) plus a tournament.
  • Three matches may be played during the first two calendar weeks allowed for matches (according to the official UIL calender).
  • If school is in session, the one contest per school week rule must be followed.
October 28 District Certification – All conferences
October 30-31 Bi-district – All conferences
November 2-4 Area – All conferences
November 6-7 Regional Quarterfinals – All conferences
November 10-11 Regional Tournament- All conferences
November 15-18 State Tournament


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Bobcats News · Should High School Basketball Players Be Able to Declare for the NBA Draft? – Presented by VNN

lebron-dunkAs Americans, we tend to fall in love with our rising stars who are breaking out on the national stage at a young age.  At 18, all eyes were on Patrick Kane as he started his professional hockey career with the Chicago Blackhawks. Nobody blinked twice when MLB’s Bryce Harper was selected to the National League All-Star team at 19.  Likewise, there were no calls for the U.S. Men’s National Team to pump the brakes on budding soccer star Christian Pulisic when he scored his first goal for the Stars & Stripes at the young age of 17.

Yet, in basketball, most of the top high school talent is required to follow the controversial “one & done” trend. As the rule goes, an athlete needs to be at least 19 years old to be eligible for the NBA Draft, forcing all hopeful pros into at least one year in college or a European League. The policy, instituted in the NBA CBA in 2005, was aimed at yielding more developed and matured players as draft options, instead of seeing teams draft solely on raw talent and potential, and stashing those prospects away on their bench.

Over the last decade, this rule has been a nonstop point of discussion and debate. Many appreciate the importance this rule places on attending higher education, and further developing professional skills. In addition, many college programs can benefit from knowing that the prospects they are recruiting will indeed commit to a school, rather than decide to forgo college altogether. Conversely, however, many have questioned whether forcing the likes of Andrew Wiggins, Ben Simmons and Anthony Davis to go to college for a year is really thmaxresdefaulte right path for top-level talent. The careers of Tracy McGrady, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James might say no. In addition, the one-and-done phenomenon sees many top players in and out of a college faster than you can say “Karl-Anthony Towns,” rendering a college game that is often focused more on individual showcases and annual ‘big names,’ rather than cheering for programs that see players develop over 3 or 4 years. This controversy is especially relevant, as current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently stated at the beginning of this year’s NBA Finals that “We all agreed we need to make a change . . . It’s one of those issues we need to come together and study. … My sense is, It’s not working for anyone.” (read more on Silver’s statement) Such a change could be to do away with the rule altogether, or amend it to have caveats, such as requiring those who choose to go to college to stay at least 2 years or those who choose to turn professional out of high school to spend a year in the G-League.

So, what do you think? Should the NBA change their age requirement and allow basketball players to turn professional fresh out of high school?

Should the NBA Allow High School Athletes to Declare for the Draft?

Yes! High Schoolers should be able to be drafted.
No. High Schoolers should be required to go to college first before playing in the NBA

Do Riddles

Have an opinion? Share it on our Facebook thread!


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Bobcats News · Vote for Texas’ Top Record-Breaking Performance – Presented by VNN

Who had the best record-breaking performance in Texas this season? We took your nominations over the past week and here are the finalists:

Nadine Arredondo – Stephenville


Softball – 13 HR – Nadine more than doubled her school record from last year (6). With 13 HRs this season, she finishes her career with 24.

Emma Sherrer, Sarah Mobley, Addison Martin, Reezon Eke – Coppell Middle School North

Track and Field – 4×400, 4:16:65 – The relay team at Coppell MS North broke a 10 year old school record, setting a new district record as well.

Alec Carr – Kempner


Baseball – 12 homeruns in a single season

Taylor Thompson – Lucas Lovejoy

Soccer – For most of the season, no one had scored a goal on the top-rated Highland Park Scots, until Taylor put one in the back of the net.

Katy Raby – Kilgore


Soccer – Katy broke school the school record scoring 47 goals in a season, 27 of which came in district play. Last year the record was set at 46, and even when missing 2 games from injuries, Katy was able to overcome the odds and set a new one at Kilgore.

Simeon Woods Richardson – Kempner


Baseball – 128 strikeouts in a single season

Blake Aragon – Stephenville


Track and Field – High Jump – 6’10” – Blake broke a 30 year school record by 2-inches. He improved his personal best by 8 inches winning the state championship as a junior in the process.

Grace Ridgeway – Lucas Lovejoy


Track and Field – Pole vault (12’6″), 300m hurdles (43.82) – Grace won the Texas 5A girls state pole vault title with this record and is 2nd in 5A in Texas in the 300m hurdles.

Emily Gueller – Lucas Lovejoy


Track and Field-  2000M Steeplechase (7:59) – Emily was the first person to run steeple at Lovejoy high school, setting the first record in 2016, then broke her own record this year.

So, who had the best record-breaking performance? Vote below. Voting closes at Midnight EST on June 5th.

Texas’ Top Record-Breaking Performance

Nadine Arredondo – Stephenville
Emma Sherrer, Sarah Mobley, Addison Martin, Reezon Eke – Coppell Middle School North
Alec Carr – Kempner
Simeon Woods Richardson – Kempner
Taylor Thompson – Lucas Lovejoy
Katy Raby – Kilgore
Blake Aragon – Stephenville
Grace Ridgeway – Lucas Lovejoy
Emily Gueller – Lucas Lovejoy

quotes 2 know

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Bobcats News · Texas’ Top Record-Breaking Performance – Nominations are open now! – Presented by VNN

This Spring, we’ve seen several state and school records fall across the network. Who was the best in Texas? Nominate your favorite with the form below.

Nominations close on May 22 at 12pm EST, and voting begins on Tuesday, May 23.

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Bobcats News · Which region’s high schools had the strongest NFL Draft? – Presented by VNN

The NFL Draft took place last week in Philadelphia. Held on the Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, it was the first draft held entirely outdoors, and was the most attended in history with more than 250,000 people attending. Over three days, all 32 NFL teams chose players who they hope could be the future of their franchise.

In the next few pages, check out all the players drafted by their hometown high school, and vote for the region you think has grown the strongest draft class!

Voting closes on Sunday, May 14th at 3pm EST / 12pm PST.

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Multiple Teams · Central Bobcat Tennis Camps, Summer, 2017





Beginner camps are geared toward kids with limited or no tennis experience who need to learn the basics. We design this instructional period to learning the essentials of the game with a particular focus on stroke production, hand eye coordination, and building good habits. We want the kids to have an enjoyable experience and learn some of the basic fundamentals.

AGES: Elementary through Middle School. We will make every effort to group them by age and ability if numbers permit.

What to Bring: Students will need a racket, hat, and water bottle

SESSION 1: June 5 – 8, Monday – Thursday

SESSION 2:  June 12 – 15, Monday – Thursday

SESSION 3: June 19-22, Monday – Thursday

Cost per session: $35

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. daily

Tennis: the sport of a lifetime



Intermediate and advanced camps are for experienced players who need to refine their technique, learn new skills, and learn new strategies.

SESSION 1:  June 5 – 8. Monday – Thursday   CENTRAL BOBCAT TENNIS CAMP: This camp will focus on fundamental s and repetition in a group format.  Our daily goal is for each camper to hit the wide variety of shots that make up a tennis match. Time permitting, we will finish each day with competition. 10:45 am —12:15    $50 per camper. Maximum of 48 campers.

SESSION 2: June 12-15. Monday—Thursday         Bobcat Doubles Camps: Doubles Camp will focus on learning and refining the skills necessary to be successful in doubles. Each day will consist of a doubles warm up, doubles specific drills, and daily competitions through doubles play or skill specific games. 10:45-12:15  $60 per camper. Maximum of 32 campers.


SESSION 3: June 19-22 Monday– Thursday     Match camp. This camp will consist of match play, strategic development, and on court coaching. Singles and/or doubles. 10:45 – 12:15. $40. Maximum of 32 campers.

SESSION 4: JULY 24 – JULY 27 Monday – Thursday   Match camp. This camp is for advanced singles players. We will begin at 8:30 each morning and finish at approximately 10:30, but finishing times may vary slightly. $40. Maximum of 16 campers.




Name ________________________________________________________________

Parent _______________________________________________________________

Parents email __________________________________________________________

Phone number _________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

Beginner sessions:

June 5-8                    ____

June 12-15               ____

June 19-22               ____

Advanced/Intermediate sessions:

June 5-8                    ____

June 12-15               ____

June 19-22               ____

July  24-27               ____

Amount enclosed     _________

I certify that my child is physically able to participate in tennis camp activities. I authorize the Central Tennis Staff to act for me in case of a medical emergency. I agree that any charges incurred for necessary medical treatment at the camp will be my responsibility and not those of the Central Tennis Camp. I specifically wave, give up, and release the 2017 Central Tennis Camp from liability for any claim of damages which my child or I might have for injuries or illness that they or I may sustain at the camp.


Parent/guardian signature


Thanks for your interest in the Central Tennis Camps. To sign up detach the registration section of the packet, fill out the necessary information, and mail your information to:

Matt Rutherford

415 S. Adams

San Angelo, Texas 76901



Contact me at my school email with questions and call or text for more immediate concerns. Make checks payable to Matt Rutherford.

About the Camps

The Bobcat Tennis Camps will feature group instruction from Central coaches and former players. Matt Rutherford, the lead camp instructor, has headed up the Central tennis program for the past decade.


For Group and/or Private lessons outside of the camp structure contact Coach Rutherford.


Our Philosophy

We will strive to have a healthy student to teacher ratio. Early registration helps us to manage numbers and employ the proper number of instructors. We strive to make this a valuable experience for the players.

Tennis camps do not solve all of the tennis players’ problems nor do they make “an instant tennis player”. Camps are one important and fun element in the development of a tennis player. Although we focus on different parts of the game in each camp, the ultimate goal is improvement through repetition or competition. Students need to be ready and willing to step out of their comfort zone.

By teaching a kid to play tennis you have given them a gift for life. A tennis player can remain active in the sport for decades. Players can still compete at a high level whether they are 35 or 65. Tennis is the sport of a lifetime.

We are extremely fortunate to use our brand new tennis facility for our camps. We ask that everyone treat the facility with respect and keep it trash free.

Wear court or tennis shoes. Please no gum or soft drinks.

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Bobcats News · Best of the Best: Texas’ Top Sports Story – Presented by VNN

April’s top story from across Texas comes from Waxahachie High School in Dallas Metro, where two athletes broke their own records at the school during the UIL Area Track Championships.

Breaking Records

Originally posted on

Jalen Reagor and Madison Babers have written themselves into the Waxahachie HS Record Books once again. While competing at the UIL Area Track Championships, Reagor improved…

Read More


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Multiple Teams · Texas Track and Field Records – Presented by VNN

As the Spring Season hits full swing, state records start falling.

How do you match up against the best of the best?

Here’s Texas’ All-Time Track and Field Records, courtesy of the


100m 10.13 NR Derrick Florence Galveston Ball 1986
200m 20.13 NR Roy Martin Dallas Roosevelt 1985
400m 45.19 Aldrich Bailey Mansfield Timberview 2012
800m 1:48.21 Jonathan Johnson Abilene 2001
1500m 3:46.5 Ruben Reina San Antonio Jay 1986
1600m 4:01.02y Steve Magness Klein Oak 2003
3200m 8:50.79 Colby Lowe Southlake Carroll 2008
110H 13.38 Tony Brown Beaumont Ozen 2013
300H 35.33 Robert Griffin Copperas Cove 2007
400H 49.77 Kerron Clement LaPorte 2002
4x100R 39.76 NR Milton Wesley
Montie Clopton
Michael Franklin
DeMario Wesley
Fort Worth O. D. Wyatt 1998
4x200R 1:23.31 NR Milton Wesley
Montie Clopton
Michael Franklin
DeMario Wesley
Fort Worth O. D. Wyatt 1998
4x400R 3:08.55 Raymond Sutton
Mike Landry
Chris Price
Marlon Ramsey
Beaumont Westbrook 1994
4x110H Relay 57.26 Baytown Sterling 1982
Sprint Medley Relay 3:23.3y Spring Branch Memorial 1967
4x800R 7:39.0 Houston Strake Jesuit 1980
Distance Medley Relay 9:53.3 Conroe McCullough 1987
4x1600R 17:04.7 NR Conroe McCullough 1986
HJ 7′ 7″ NR Andra Manson Brenham 2002
LJ 26′ 10″ NR Marquis Goodwin Garland Rowlett 2010
TJ 52-1¼ Chris Carter Hearne 2007
PV 18-3½ NR Shawn Barber Kingwood Park 2012
SP 81′ 3.5″ NR Michael Carter Dallas Jefferson 1979
Discus 215′ 2″ Brian Robison Splendora 2002
Javelin 221-8 Devin Bogert Tomball 2010
Decathlon 7045*
Adam Fretwell
Adam Fretwell
Cypress Creek
Cypress Creek
* – Adam Fretwell’s 7045 points in the decathlon was set using heavier international junior implements and his 100 and 110 hurdle marks were aided by winds over the 2.0 m/s allowed by high school rules. However, the wind was legal under USATF rules which allows for 4.0 m/s wind in multi-events. Unfortunately, high school rules do not specifically address multi-events.


100m 11.16 Victoria Jordan Fort Worth Dunbar 2008
200m 22.9 Carlette Guidry Houston Sterling 1986
400m 52.40 Courtney Okolo Carrollton Newman Smith 2012
800m 2:05.50 Raevyn Rogers Houston Kinkaid 2012
1500m 4:26.62 Erin Bedell Plano West 2004
1600m 4:43.51y Chelsey Sveinssen Addison Greenhill Academy 2008
3200m 10:01.34+ Chelsey Sveinsson Addison Greenhill Academy 2009
100 Hurdles 13.23 Ashlee Williams Dallas Bishop Dunne 2001
300 Hurdles 40.96 Donique Flemings Saginaw 2008
4×100 Relay 44.60 Tara Thomas
Krystin Lacy
Chanelle Curry
Jazmin Greer
Dallas Skyline 2004
4×200 Relay 1:34.51 Gloria Asumnu
Chantelle Willard
Francheska Kethchum
Jamee Jones
Alief Elsik 2003
4×400 Relay 3:38.35 Kristin Lacy
Jennifer Hunt
Ashley Harvey
Sha-Tara Taylor
Dallas Skyline 2003
Sprint Medley Relay 3:55.74  Whitney Harris
Kirsten Harris
Taura Gordon
Vickie Walker
College Station A&M Consolidated 2000
Distance Medley Relay 12:04.29 Klein 2000
High Jump 6′ 4″ NR Amy Acuff Corpus Christi Calallen 1993
Long Jump 21′ 1½” Ychlindria Spears Luling 2000
Triple Jump 44′ 2¼” Ychlindria Spears Luling 2001
Pole Vault 14′ 0″ Shade Weygandt Mansfield 2010
Shot Put 54′ 10¾”NR
54′ 9½” (i) NR
Michelle Carter
Michelle Carter
Red Oak
Red Oak
Discus 198-9 NR Shelbi Vaughan Mansfield Legacy 2012
Javelin 169′ 3″ Susan Armstrong Houston 1973
Hammer 195′ 2″ Jennifer Dahlgren Klein 2002
Heptathlon 5412 Kendra Reimer New Braunfels 1998


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Bobcats News · Event Recap: Week of March 25 – March 31

Saturday, Mar 25th

No event results

Sunday, Mar 26th

No event results

Monday, Mar 27th

No event results

Tuesday, Mar 28th

No event results

Wednesday, Mar 29th

No event results

Thursday, Mar 30th

No event results

Friday, Mar 31st

Girls Varsity Soccer
@ Marcus High School