Multiple Teams · Central Bobcat Tennis Camps, 2016





Beginner camps are geared toward kids with limited or no tennis experience who need to learn the basics. We design this instructional period to learning the essentials of the game with a particular focus on stroke production, hand eye coordination, and building good habits. We want the kids to have an enjoyable experience and learn some of the basic fundamentals.

AGES: Elementary through Middle School. We will make every effort to group them by age and ability if numbers permit.

What to Bring: Students will need a racket, hat, and water bottle

SESSION 1: May 31- June 3. Tues-Friday

SESSION 2:  June 6-9. Monday-Thursday

SESSION 3: June 13-16. Mon.—Thursday

SESSION 4: June 20-23 Mon– Thursday

Cost per session: $35

Time: 8:30 a.m.—9:30 a.m. daily


Tennis: the sport of a  lifetime



Intermediate and advanced camps are for experienced players who need to refine their technique, learn new skills, and learn new strategies.

SESSION 1:  May 31—June 3. Tues—Friday   CENTRAL BOBCAT TENNIS CAMP: This camp will focus on fundamental s and repetition in a group format.  Our daily goal is for each camper to hit the wide variety of shots that make up a tennis match. Time permitting, we will finish each day with competition. 9:45—11:30 am   $50 per camper. Maximum of 48 campers.


SESSION 2: June 6-9. Monday—Thursday         Bobcat Doubles Camps: Doubles Camp will focus on learning and refining the skills necessary to be successful in doubles. Each day will consist of a doubles warm up, doubles specific drills, and daily competitions through doubles play or skill specific games. 9:45-11:30 am.

$60 per camper. Maximum of 32 campers.


SESSION 3: June 13-16. Monday—Thursday.    Bobcat Hitting Camp: Hitting camp  is designed to make the tennis player self-sufficient. Players will experience a wide variety of hitting drills that do not involve coaches feeding balls. Players should be capable of carrying on a rally with another player to sign up for this camp.  Competition will also be an important part of our daily routine. 9:45-11:30 $60. Maximum of 32 campers.


SESSION 4: June 20-23 Monday– Thursday     Match camp. This camp will consist of match play, strategic development, and on court coaching. Singles and/or doubles. 9:45-11:30. $40. Maximum of 32 campers.




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Beginner sessions:

May 31—June 3        ____

June 6-9                    ____

June 13-16                ____

June 20-23                ____

Advanced/Intermediate sessions:

May 31—June 3       ____

June 6-9                   ____

June 13-16               ____

June 20-23               ____

Amount enclosed     _________

I certify that my child is physically able to participate in tennis camp activities. I authorize the Central Tennis Staff to act for me in case of  a  medical emergency. I agree that any charges incurred for necessary medical treatment at the camp will be my responsibility and not those of the Central Tennis Camp. I specifically wave, give up, and release the 2016 Central Tennis Camp from liability for any claim of damages which my child or I might have for injuries or illness that they or I may sustain at the camp.


Parent/guardian signature


Thanks for your interest in the Central Tennis Camps. To sign up detach the registration section of the packet, fill out the necessary information, and mail your information to:

Matt Rutherford

415 S. Adams

San Angelo, Texas 76901



Contact me at my school email with questions and call or text for more immediate concerns. Make checks payable to Matt Rutherford.

About the Camps

The Bobcat Tennis Camps will feature group instruction from Central coaches and former players. Matt Rutherford and Cade Smith, the lead camp instructors, have headed up the Central tennis program for the past decade.

Our Philosophy

We will strive to have a healthy student to teacher ratio. Early registration helps us to manage numbers and employ the proper number of instructors. We strive to make this a valuable experience for the players.

Tennis camps do not solve all of the tennis players’ problems nor do they make “an instant tennis player”. Camps are one important and fun element in the development of a tennis player. Although we focus on different parts of the game in each camp, the ultimate goal is improvement through repetition or competition. Students need to be ready and willing to step out of their comfort zone.

By teaching a kid to play tennis you have given them a gift for life. A tennis player can remain active in the sport for decades. Players can still compete at a high level whether they are 35 or 65. Tennis is the sport of a lifetime.

We are extremely fortunate to use our brand new tennis facility for our camps. We ask that everyone treat the facility with respect and keep it trash free.

Wear court or tennis shoes. Please no gum or soft drinks.

A Note About Central Parking

Because we are still a construction zone, the entrance to the tennis courts will be on the swimming pool side until they finish the parking lot which should happen some time in June.  Until the parking lot opens we will need to utilize river road or the main parking lots at Central.